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Finding Your Voice: A Woman's Guide to Using Self-Talk for Fulfilling Relationships, Work, and Life: Table of Contents

Preface ix
Acknowledgements xi
1 Introducing Self-Talk 1
2 The Friendship Expectation: "I've Always Got My Girlfriends" 15
3 The Dating Expectation: I Can Find the Perfect Partner (But If I Don't, I'll Be Just Fine Without One)" 37
4 The Sex Expectation: "I'm Heathily, Happily, Wildly Sexual" 61
5 The Marriage Expectation: "I Can Achieve the Marriage I Want (But If I Don't, I'll Just End the Marriage)" 79
6 The Child-Rearing Expectation: "I'm Raising a Perfect Child, and Loving Every Minute of It" 101
7 The Work Expectation: "I'm Happy with My Career (or Happy without One") 125
8 The Money Expectaton: "I Have My Financial Life Well in Hand" 147
9 The Balancing Act Expectation: "I'm Running My Life, It's Not Running Me" 167
10 The Appearance Expectation: "I Love My Body Just as It Is" 187
11 The Self-Esteem Expectation: "I Believe in Myself" 203
12 Self-Talk Among Friends: Beginning the Conversation 223
Index 00

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